The Nation’s Safest and Most Eco-Friendly High Performance Cold Patch - GreenPatch®

We are Arizona’s exclusive manufacturer/distributor for GreenPatch a high performance cold patch product designed to repair and maintain roadways utilizing 100% RAP and sustainable additives.


This easy to use product is DOT approved in all 50 states and the choice of major cities, utilities, manufacturers, DOT’s, contractors and homeowners everywhere. GreenPatch is the first and only high performance cold patch product to completely eliminate petroleum distillates. This patented liquid technology allows the use of plant based oils having virtually no VOCs.


Available in 50 pound bags, or supplied in bulk.


GreenPatch Installation Video




PelletPATCH - Rubberized Hot Patch Material

This engineered pre-bagged, aggregate gradation and highly rubberized binder hot patch mix is ideal for pothole and utility cut repairs in both asphalt and concrete pavements. The rubber modified binder and aggregate matrix of PelletPATCH creates a durable mix design that adheres extremely well to the existing pavement forming a long-lasting bond that keeps water out.


Packaged in 35 pound meltable bags and shipped with 56 bags per stretch wrapped pallet.



HighFlex - Rubberized Crack FillerHighFLEX Pallet


HighFLEX | AR - Hot Applied Crack Filler & Mastic Products

The HighFLEX | AR - 100 is a highly rubberized, hot applied crack filler. This product has the highest rubber content of any crack filler on the market as well as other additives to help reduce shrinkage and make it longer lasting.


HighFLEX | AR - 200 / 201 are hot applied pavement repair mastics. This aggregate reinforced product is used to make repairs that are too large to do with a crack filler.


These products are provided in 35-pound boxes with removable, meltable bag liners. Shipped with 60 boxes per pallet.

Asphalt Patch Master


The Asphalt Patch Master (APM) is a portable road repair and maintenance unit. This self-contained, all-in-one unit is designed to produce hot mix asphalt, rubberized crack filler and aggregate reinforced mastic to perform a wide variety of repair needs. With the APM you can now make durable, long-lasting material at the repair site in just the quantity you need.



Asphalt Calculator

This asphalt calculator helps you to estimate the hot mix asphalt tonnage required for your job. Simply enter the width, length and thickness of your job. Click on the calculate button to estimate the number of tons that will be required.


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